Discover Simeulue

Simeulue is a small island located off the North Western Sumatran coast; it’s the most northern island that you’ll find any surf camps or surf boat charters operating in. With 100 kms of unexplored and rarely surfed spots, this island is fast becoming a popular destination for surfing enthusiasts.

A surf trip to Simeulue

Accessible via two domestic flights, getting to Simeulue can be a long journey but is definitely worth the effort. From Jakarta or Kula Lumpur, you will need to take a flight to Medan Airport (KNO) - Kuala Namu International Airport and then travel onto Lasikin Airport in Sinabang, Simeulue. There’s only one flight each day from Medan so ensure that you include this in your travel plans !

Simeulue is located in the Southern Indian Ocean, just north of the equator, and is on such an angle that the swell has the longest reach of any Indonesian island. Its unique location combined with light winds produce consistent, perfectly glassy waves.

Most known surf breaks are found around the south west coastline of Simeulue, whilst the west and north west offer an array of secret spots. The two most popular spots in Simeulue to surf are Dylan’s Right, a short right hander with easy barrel sections, and the Peak (Jackals), a steep left and right hander that breaks over both sand and reef; both spots are suited to intermediate and advanced surfers.

There are several other surrounding islands that have world class surf spots, namely:

Tea bags : Tea Bags is a large hollow right hander that offers a 150m long ride. Located on Tapah Island, a 30-minute boat ride from Simeulue, this break produces non-stop barrels. Waves can get up to triple over-head at this reef break, so only advanced surfers are recommended to surf this break, and reef booties are essential.

Thailands left: Located on a neighbouring island, this 200m cruisy left hander offers a smooth ride. With an easy take off, its suitable to those that don’t have extensive experience surfing reef breaks. It’s a 15-minute boat ride across turquoise waters so ensure that your local guide adds this spot to your route !

Best time of year for surfing in Simeulue

The best season to surf in Simeulue is the dry season; late March to early November. The dry season is the southern hemisphere's Winter which produces the most consistent swell. However, the off season or wet season, between November and March, also benefits from west and north-west swell due to the island’s unique location, as well as seasonal storms that come off the coast of India and the Maldives, they come from a different direction and can produce swell all along the coast.

What surf level do you need in Simeulue?

Simeulue’s surf industry is still developing due to its remote location. However, its waves are just as good, or even better, then many of its more well-known neighbours. Intermediate and advanced surf skills are required to surf the Simeulue islands. Reef breaks, steep hollow waves and big barrels are suitable only to those who have well developed surfing skills. You’ll need to be super fit, be a strong paddler, as well as have reef booties to get the most out of Simeulue’s surf.