Discover Krui / South Sumatra

The town of Krui is located at the base of the Bukit Barisan National Park in the Indonesian province of South Sumatra, on the South West Sumatran coastline. With 100 kilometres of undeveloped and unspoilt coastline, this tropical paradise is every surfers dream. The local people are down to earth, inquisitive and extremely friendly.

A surf trip to Krui / South Sumatra

Accessible via an internal flight to Bandar Lampung’s Radin Inten II Airport (TKG), and a 6-hour drive along winding roads, Krui is extremely remote. However, the proposed Krui airport expansion may make the journey much easier.

Krui sits within the regency of West Lampung, an area that has a stretch of coastline full of world class breaks. Within an hour each way from Krui, you will experience countless reef breaks, calm winds and perfect conditions.

The waves in and around Krui can be short and hollow sometimes, so depending on conditions, they may be better suited to bodyboarding. However, Krui is the ideal base to access the Northern area (with breaks like Honey Smacks and Jimmy’s), as well as Tanjung Setia (Ujung Bocur). And has three awesome waves within walking distance, the Peak and Krui left and right. The Peak is a left and right hand reef break that produces short intense barrels, and Krui left and right are inconsistent breaks, but when the waves do roll in they are perfectly formed.

Since the 90’s, Krui, South Sumatra has seen a steady rise in visitors, with surf breaks getting more crowded. The Krui Pro, part of the WSL qualifying series, has put Krui on the map. There are now a large variety of surf camps and surf boat charters available for visitors traveling around the area.

You’ll find the area’s best and most consistent wave 30 kilometres South of Krui, Ujung Bocur (Karang Nyimbor). It’s a super long left hander that offers rides of at least 300 metres. It’s also close to Way Jambu and Mandiri Beach, both excellent and consistent waves that offer huge swell.

If you’re wanting to explore the area further, Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park offers stunning scenery and interesting wildlife. It has been in existence since 1935 and is critical to preserving the unique wildlife in the area; it’s worth a visit.

Fancy a bit of shopping? Head to Tanjung Setia area, located 30 minutes South of Krui. Here there are small Indomarts, but don't expect to find any tourist items in the local markets.

Best time of year for surfing in Krui / South Sumatra

The best season to surf in Krui, South Sumatra is between April and November. Quality waves are produced by the consistent swell that hits South Sumatra’s shores. Expect glassy waves from 6-12ft (~1.8 à 3.5m) in height and offshore winds. Some spots can be blown out early in the day by Southerly winds, like Mandiri Beach and Jimmys, so local knowledge is key to getting the most out of your trip. Your local guide will know which spots are best when. This season is considered high season and can be busy, there may be 20 or more surfers in one spot at one time.

During low season ((November/December until March), the winds change and will most likely be onshore. That combined with high rainfall usually deters travellers, however there are a few breaks, like Jenny’s right, that are consistent year-round.

What surf level do you need in Krui / South Sumatra?

Intermediate to advanced surf skills are required in this region. Most breaks are reef breaks, and the swell can get to double overhead in some spots, so highly developed surfing skills are required, as well as good fitness and paddling skills. However, there are a few breaks in the area, like Ujung Bocur and Mandiri Beach, that are beginner friendly. Your local guide will have vast knowledge of the area and breaks, so it’s best to consult with your guide if you’re unsure.